How I win? 
Everyone who orders the Quest:
- Will be entered to win one of the prizes.
- Will receive access to the bonus gifts being offering by Zolar Entertainment and our partners.

Why do you request my phone number?
We request that you submit your phone number so that Customer Service can contact you if you win a prize. Also, if there is an issue with delivery we can help facilitate a quick resolution.  

How do I access the bonus gifts?
In order to access all the bonus gifts, you must first purchase the Quest for Success DVD  and/or Quest for Success and Happy, Wealthy & Wise. Once you have completed this order form, you will be directed to the Bonus Gifts page where you can access ALL of the gifts.  

In the case of the EXCLUSIVE free Teleseminars, you will need to reserve your space by entering your email in the designated spot, to ensure you have a place, as space is limited.

Zolar Entertainment can not be held responsible for any failure or problems with the bonus gifts offered by our sponsors. We do our best to verify and test all gifts prior to the promotion, but if you have any problems, please contact the sponsor directly.

How long do I have access to the gifts?
You have access to the bonus gifts for the duration of the promotion. The promotion concludes on the last day of the contest, please see the Official Contest Rules for this date.

Customer Service enquires re shipment:
Email only orders@completefulfillment.com
For other enquiries email info@questthejourney.com