Quest for Success Special

Winner! Gold Remi for Best Motivational TV Program. Houston World Film Festival.

Producer, Director and Host, Lili Fournier addresses profound life questions during challenging and uncertain times in her 11th Public Television special, Quest for Success, premiering nationally June, 2010. Lili invites you to embark on a Quest, to enter into a period of major achievement in your life.

Quest for Success explores what it takes to live a life of true happiness, personal fulfillment and authentic success. This is an extraordinary journey on that most profound of human longings, our search for success, happiness and fulfillment, and the wisdom we will need to find it.

Lili Fournier has traveled far and wide to bring together the wisdom of some of the world’s leading luminaries and visionaries to delve into the success strategies and universal principles that can empower people with the right tools to gain greater awareness, courage, and strength to take their lives to a new level. The Program offers timeless wisdom, powerful insights, extraordinary life skills – a great source of strength and encouragement to help people achieve their life’s goals.

The Ultimate Success Quest Collection is a personal growth extravaganza. There are four pledge levels. The first, is the program itself, Quest for Success. 58 minute DVD with an extra 40 minutes. The 2nd  Level the Quest for Success Combo, which includes Quest for Success and the companion feature length program (100 minutes), “Happy, Wealthy & Wise”; and the third level offers, the Quest Wisdom Collection, 11 hours of powerful inspiration;

The fourth level, the Ultimate Success Quest Collection includes the Success Combo and the Quest Wisdom Collection + 1200 in Free Bonuses. Fournier’s passion and enthusiasm to help people achieve success is in evidence by the extraordinary Bonus package she has put together, valued at over $1200, for viewers that support public television at the 4th level   that combines the wisdom of today’s leading thinkers, and the life skills and wealth building opportunities for viewers to live their best lives now. The bonuses include the 100 Day Heroic Quest Success Challenge, a day by day online guide (for 14 weeks), to help you achieve your goals.
About Lili Fournier

Lili Fournier, is the producer/director and host of the award winning Quest series of specials featuring the leaders in the human potential field on personal achievement and personal growth. The Quest has been critically acclaimed for its for  its leadership role in pioneering spiritual programming on the airways across North America and it’s in-depth exploration of contemporary life issues.
Preview Quest for Success Pledge Show 88 min.
Jack Canfield on Wisdom Collection
Happy, Wealthy & Wise Promo
The Quest  consistently achieved top ratings and successfully raised millions of dollars for Public Television’s pledge efforts over the past decade. The Quest has  inspired the lives of millions of viewers in North America, Europe and Israel.

Lili Fournier offers inspirational nourishment through her Quest shows and practical advice on how to relinquish fear and live with meaning, passion and purpose. Lili Fournier’s personal story of overcoming adversity serves as the foundation for her message that each of us can overcome our challenges and find the determination and faith it takes to bring reality up day by day to achieve our vision. Lili Fournier is a passionate advocate for personal and societal change.
  What Broadcasters said… About past Quest broadcasts.

“Inspirational  personal growth programming at its finest!
When I see Lili Fournier’s name attached to a show, I make room in my schedule! Nice record of success at PBA!”

- Dec. 2009 Alicia Steele WPBA - Atlanta

The Quest is transformational Television. It is solid. Absolutely the best. I am very proud to air the Quest.
- Shari Bernson, KBDI, Denver

The Quest achieves it’s potential” American Public Television “Rated a number 5. Performed extremely well. Ranks up there as one of the best programs we've done.”

- Russ Gribble, KTEH, San Jose, CA

“Top rating. It was terrific. A really great show. Really surprised.  Don't usually get this kind of response.”
- KQED, San Francisco

“The Quest  exceeded our expectations. The shows are an excellent representation of the self-help genre.”
- Lori Glasgow, KVIE, Sacramento

The Quest Love series was outstanding. It was our second biggest pledge winner. Great response. Very powerful.”
- Ron Santora, WNED, N.Y.
  What Others said About the Quest

"The Quest Wisdom Collection is a modern Masterpiece”
- Jack Canfield

“I just finished watching The Power Within. I wanted to let you know   how deeply touched I was.”
- Alice Walker

“Words of Wisdom from the Great Leaders of our Times. Women of Wisdom and Power left me on fire!”
-   Perla

“Remarkable! Profoundly Moving.”
- NAPRA Publishers Review

“Highly Recommended.”
- Health Naturally

“Landmark events of transformative empowerment, beauty and excellence”
- My friends and I were entirely blown away. I’ll cherish it forever. Wendy

Quest for Success
Gold Remi
Best Motivational TV Program, Houston International Film Festival

Women Of Wisdom And Power for the Power Within
Special Jury Award
Best TV Program on Women's Issues, Houston International Film Festival

Women Of Wisdom And Power
Winner! Gold and Platinum Awards for Best TV Program on Women's Issues, Ageless Beauty & Passages
Houston International Film Festival

Women Of Wisdom And Power "The Power Within"
Best TV program on Social Issues
Chris Columbus International Film And Video Festival

Discovering Your Human Potential
Silver Award for Best Motivational TV Program
Houston International Film Festival

The Spiritual Path to Success
Silver Award For Best Motivational TV Program
Houston International Film Festival

Energy, Power & Spirit
Certificate of Merit
Houston International Film Festival, Best TV Program, 2nd Place. Columbus International Film and Video Festival

Quest for Love: Love, Passion & Soul
Winner! Gold Award
Best TV Program on Human Sexuality, Houston International Film Festival

Quest for Love: Light My Fire
Winner! Gold Award for Best TV Program on Human Sexuality
Houston International Film Festival
Winner! Creative Excellence
Educational U.S. International Film and Video Festival

Honorable Mention
Columbus International Film & Video Festival

Honorable Mention
Columbus International Film & Video Festival
Certificate for Creative Excellence
Religion, Ethics, Humanities, U.S. International Film and Video Festival

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