"The QUEST changed my life. It gave me a real purpose to go deeper into my life to be in contact with my inner self, with who I am. And that’s a big discovery. You’ve made a tremendous work."
- Charles Beaulieu

"The Quest Wisdom Collection is a modern Masterpiece”
- Jack Canfield

“I just finished watching The Power Within. I wanted to let you know   how deeply touched I was.”
- Alice Walker

Quest for Success is one of the most uplifting movies I have seen in a long time. It has helped me see through the clutter of my busy life and determine a very specific step-by-step system to creating the life of my dreams.

From watching Quest for Success I know exactly what to do to start living and creating my dream life right now. It’s great to see some of The Secret stars finally sharing their key next step instructions in “Quest for Success”. Quest for Success is really unique; it’s like The Secret is Chapter 1 of this marvelous book: Quest for Success is Chapters 2 - 11!

After watching it I feel like I’ve engaged eleven new personal coaches, some for business success and others for spiritual balance, but all of them for ME! Now I can’t wait to hear what my coaches have to say in Happy, Wealthy & Wise! - Debbie G

Please feel free to send us your reviews.
It gives me great joy to hear from you.

Select Quotes are enclosed for your Interest below

Please feel free to send us your reviews. It gives me great joy to hear from you.

"An enlightening digest of wisdom and passion!" Library Journal

"Quest achieves its potential!” American Public Television

“Remarkable! Profoundly Moving” NAPRA Publishers Review

“Highly Recommended” Health Naturally

“This one is sure to be a popular title” Video Librarian

“Landmark events of transformative empowerment, beauty and excellence!”

"Healing, powerful, inspirational!”

“Deeply touching, life-changing; It left me on fire!!"

“Words of wisdom from the great leaders of our time!!”

Quest Reviews!

“I learned so much from these tapes myself. Your taste level is first class!”
- Robert Barnet, Guthy Renker

I must tell you that I tremendously enjoyed the Quest for Life and Quest for Love series. I was so excited when I saw them. I have often felt alone going through my own life changing spiritual experiences and these shows gave me great comfort. So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for creating these videos.
- Michèle Nadeau

"What a precious gift you’ve given me. You’ve changed my life forever. With a little maturity and self knowledge I’ve come to see my challenges can be a blessing after all."
- P. Scheinberg

"Thank you for bringing us such treasures. It’s really helped me reflect deeply about my life and move foreword, ready to embrace success"
- P. Skinner

"My friends and I watch the QUEST videos every chance we get. They're so well done. It doesn't surprise me they're best sellers and award winners!"
- L. Bolt

"Light My Fire confirmed how I felt but could not verbalize. Thank you for a very enlightening, human and intelligent program."
- Lucie-Ana Baldwin

"Thank you for giving us something worth watching, something for our spirit and souls. We don’t have much to chose from these days
- R. Tolkin

"Fascinating interviews... orgasmic transitions... and beautiful images that you craftily edited to support what was being said. Congratulations!"
- D. Hunter


Your latest masterpiece ~THE POWER WITHIN~ is a treasure! You are playing a major role in unearthing a power on Mother Earth that is staggering! - Joanne Cronin
The Power Within is fabulous! What a beautiful job of weaving each woman's wisdom you did. - Maureen Murdock
I was so moved as to how you captured the spirit, the power of the feminine spirit. It is amazing, the depth you brought forward. I cried and was so touched so many times...I told so many people about them and I am gathering a few friends next week to watch them together. - Agapi Stassinopoulos
"I’m getting so many emails from people who have seen WOMEN OF WISDOM People are loving them, and I thank you again for doing this work." - Sark
Your two new "Women of Wisdom & Power" Videos were landmark events of such transformative empowerment, beauty, and excellence, myself 40's -80's women friends I watched them with were entirely blown away. Congratulations for being such a positive force of nature." - Wendy at Kahua
I just want you to know that your message of Passages and Ageless Beauty is being highly acclaimed here – the women are so impressed and inspired in this corner of the world.

Your interview with Alanis Morissette was magnificent! The young girls on my mail route are anxious to see her in The Power Within. I am really honored to tell them that I know you. And I am even more proud to tell them what a great human being you are and how very important it is that we have compassionate, unselfish, and powerful women like you in the media that are driven by the sheer desire to empower the women and girls of the world. It really is our only hope... Thank You, Lili! - Joanne Cronin
"I saw the show on my local PBS station but I wanted to share it with all my women friends. There are several of us turning that magical 50 this year and the video speaks to what we are experiencing. Those hot flashes really are power surges!! I am going to get a copy for all my turning 50 friends. Thank you for making this important film." - Patsy McParlane
MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!! You have truly produced a JEWEL. it will assist so many spirits in forward movement and conscious expansion. I came home from the gym, put some dinner in the microwave, and put Ageless Beauty in, intending to watch some of it before eating. An hour later, I was still there, crying and laughing, the dinner cold and forgotten. I love how it's woven together and honors everyone's contributions. I felt uplifted, challenged, comforted and deeply blessed. I want to honor and acknowledge this very important work, and THANK YOU. oh! and then I put “Passages” in, and watched that too! I felt as moved by that as I did by the first hour." - S. Kennedy
"I caught this on PBS, and it's SO good! Perhaps your best yet. I have shared it with a few women, and they just love it. I would not want to have missed it. Congratulations on an exceptional and empowering video. Keep up the great work! With deep respect and appreciation." - Ken Jenkins
My husband and I both think this type of content is sorely needed in the vast wasteland that is TV. God bless you for your vision and the work. Our world needs more of it!! - Nancy Fraker
"The two videos that I ordered and will share with others to help heal us are fabulous!!! So well done and artistic and moving and educational and beauty-full."
EVERYthing we need to feed our hearts and open in trust and faith that we can move into the future with strength and confidence. Thank you for making it, for gleaning out the essence and confirming what is best in women." - M. Kinzele
"The program on Channel 17 was absolutely wonderful. Lili has such a beautiful soul and it is portrayed in her work - please congratulate her on a great job that I thoroughly enjoy and found calming for my soul." - Jeanette Rousseau
"Dear Lili- I ordered the tapes today as a present for myself for my fortieth birthday in April. Thank you for bringing this wonderful production to women (and men) everywhere! What a wonderful life's work you are engaged in." - Paula Rubino
"I was just so impressed with the quality of your work. I wanted to congratulate you on this great achievement" - Dr. Pamela Peake
It was heartwarming to actually get a note from you. A few years ago I started to do a web site for Filipina women which evolved into an organization around the world. I was seriously having a personal struggle about all the work and wanting to give it up, until I watched the Women of Wisdom and Power shows. What a difference they made! My eyes opened up to the larger meaning of the work. My heart burst with more love and I became even more dedicated to the cause of awakening women around the world!

Well my prayers were answered with your tapes. I knew the moment you started talking about heroism and bravery. Now I have been on fire. It was the sustenance I was looking for! Last month I suddenly decided to take a return visit to the Phillipines, and there are all these press conferences, invitations to the top talk shows, so many big things for me. If it weren’t for your tapes I would not be ready for this. I am so grateful and want to send you my love because of it. Thank you so much. Love, power, joy and peace. - Perla Daly www.newfilipina.com

Update! My trip to the Philippines was very fulfilling. We launched Wowee! Celebrating Women’s Wisdom in Manila. My work has just begun because the fire in you burned bright enough to light a fire in me. I wanted to tell you this because I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now spiritually if it wasn’t for your enlightening videos. - Perla Daly
I just saw your Woman of Wisdom and Power videos on television. They made me weep, they made me laugh. The beauty of the soul of these committed women was just wonderful, just incredible. - Mehta Estria
It's absolutely amazing that you have succeeded in creating such an important, high-profile series as Women of Wisdom and Power, not to mention your past two Quest series. You are clearly a spiritual mover and shaker making a HUGE difference in the world at such a critical time. I'm very inspired by your dedication to projects that empower women. - Nisma Zaman
The Women of Wisdom and Power trilogy is a remarkable resource for women when we particularly need inspiring and powerful role models. The wisdom shared by these women has the potential to change lives, as I and others can attest. I was recently watching "The Power Within" with a friend who struggles with co-dependency and low self esteem.

When Alanis Morrisette talked about being a target of other people's projections, my friend walked away with a powerful internal strategy for creating appropriate boundaries. I could give you many more examples of how the Women of Wisdom and Power trilogy has influenced my life and the lives of others.. What I know is that we need to hear the voices of women who can light the way. Thank you, Lili, for continuing to create these treasures for us! - Catherine Carlis
I just love watching your shows on PBS. It’s unique, awesome..You don’t see stuff like this. It speaks to me really. Words of wisdom from the great leaders of our times, juxtaposed with beautiful nature shots, great production value. Emotionally very pleasing. It feeds my spirit. - Linda Healy
I so enjoyed this series. I love your work, and your guests are so worldly and wise. Most appreciate your dedication to bringing us the best. - Mary Lou Mayer
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