Women of Wisdom & Power – Award Winning 3 1 Hrs. DVD  $59.95

The series features some of today’s most fascinating and respected women at their eloquent best, remarkable trailblazers who redefine our notions of power and leadership and invite women everywhere to search for their own truth, to find their own voice, and to claim their own personal source of authentic power.

We are passionate in our cause to encourage women to grow personally and professionally through leadership, ideas and inspiration. We’ll keep the inspiring programs coming. We welcome all emerging women of wisdom and power to join our community. Let the adventure begin!

1. Passages
They're all here! The most remarkable and renowned women of our time. Their candid heartfelt reminisces will move you to tears and leave you nodding in recognition.

The multi-faceted wisdom of these amazing women evokes a depth of spiritual acumen which encompasses a wealth of practical concerns from leadership skills and business management to finding one’s way through “the dark night of the soul,”; aging gracefully, new beginnings, self-discovery, financial freedom, passionate engagement in the social struggles plaguing our world and the requisite steps to elevating the nature of our lives, our careers, and our family relationships

2. Ageless Beauty
Today’s most fascinating women re-define the stereotypes of aging and inspire us to embrace the most exciting and deeply rewarding years of our lives. Ageless Beauty celebrates the feminine life cycle and explores ways to effectively embrace our physical and emotional changes to bring healing and joy into our everyday lives. Featuring the 10 commandments of a beautiful ageless woman, this intellectually stimulating and emotionally involving special will revolutionize every woman's thoughts about aging. In short it is the best of times, and the years ahead spread out like a brand new playing field.

3. The Power Within
The phenomenal women we are privileged to feature in this Quest all have one thing in common. A powerful belief in themselves which allowed them to take risks, overcome obstacles, reach personal milestones and become extraordinary catalysts for positive social change in the world.. As Margaret Mead said, we must never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.

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