Dear Friends,

I send you heartfelt blessings and hope that this coming New Year will be a stellar year bringing you joy, prosperity, and all that is beautiful and meaningful in life.

For many years now I have dedicated myself to inspiring people to achieve their goals and dreams, and to become a success in living their best life imaginable.

I have learned from the best of some of the world’s most brilliant teachers – the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Stephen Covey, Thomas Moore, Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra, Sam Keen, Shirley MacLaine, Jack Canfield, Jane Goodall, Carolyn Myss, et al – all of whom have appeared in my award-winning Quest series of specials which have aired on PBS and numerous other Television networks.

Yet in all this time I have never come across a more effective or speedy program for bringing about real change in your life. I can honestly say that the 100 day challenge is life changing. It gives you the day by day tools to succeed in turning around everything you’ve ever dreamed of changing in your life. It starts with one small step and one small commitment.

Consider the implication of this idea...

What would happen if I were to follow you with a camera crew 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the next 100 days while you went for your goals?

I bet 3 things would happen...

  1. You would START doing the things you say you need to do.
  2. You would STOP doing the things you know you shouldn't be doing.
  3. You would MAKE monumental performance gains and change your life.

This is ALL possible through the discipline of accountability.

Accountability serves and protects your character, credibility and commitments as it ensures that what you want to accomplish gets accomplished.

The problem however is that the lack of accountability is one of the biggest constraints you have which prevents goal achievement.

With that reality in mind, I wanted to share with you an exciting opportunity to achieve every goal you set, to enforce ultimate accountability into your life, and show you how you can make monumental performance gains.

Gary Ryan Blair, otherwise known as The Goals Guy has put together what I believe to be the most comprehensive approach to goal setting and performance enhancement.

It's called the 100 Day Challenge and it shows you how to make more progress in the next 100 days than most people will do over the next 5 years.

Bold statement?

Yes, but it's true as people all over the world are using this amazing program to pay off their mortgages, become completely debt free, blow out sales quotas, and achieve the seemingly impossible.

The 100 Day Challenge is an extreme performance acceleration program, because it's all about ripping the lid off of conventional thinking and getting massive results quickly.

And that's what you really want, isn't it?

I've seen it, and it's an amazing piece of work.

The secret to making it work for you is the powerful accountability system it enforces.

But you don't have to take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Click here now

Listen. I'm so impressed with Gary and his 100 Day Challenge that I'll be participating in the program myself and expect some big results.

I suggest you do likewise, so do yourself a favor and take a serious look at this. It really could change your life. Click here now

You'll like what you find, and you'll love the results it delivers!

Feel free to pass this along to your very best friends. Isn’t that what friends are for? (Let’s all do it together.)

With warmest regards,


Lili Fournier

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