Discover the brilliance, the bravery, and the greatness within you…

"EVERY nook and cranny of your being will be motivated, electrified, enlightened…"

Because We’ve Bundled Together
The Most Riveting… The Most Inspiring…
The Most Transformational 11 Hours You’ll Ever Spend

In fact, we personally GUARANTEE you’ll be thrilled with this experience or we’ll refund every penny you paid… and you have 30 days to decide!

Yes, hot on the heels of the startling popularity of their latest release, Quest for Success

Lili Fournier and Zolar Entertainment announce this most powerfully life-changing collection of timeless wisdom ever assembled: The Quest Wisdom Collection on DVD.

  “The Quest is a modern Masterpiece! This critically acclaimed PBS series features the essential teachings from the great leaders of our time.

“A complete guide to living with joy, passion and intelligence on the Spiritual Path to Success. No matter where you are on life's journey you will find yourself, in The Quest Wisdom Collection. This remarkable 11 hour series is a treasure chest of wisdom with the power to transform your life. Don't let it pass you by.
My praise could not be more sincere."

-Jack Canfield
Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series Author, The Success Principles


The Quest Wisdom Collection gives you immediate at-home access to three of the most popular, most uplifting, most empowering series of programs ever shown on PBS: Quest for Life TrilogyQuest for Love & Passion… and Women of Wisdom & Power.

Ten separate programs, in all. 11 hours of inspirational and illuminating entertainment to nourish your soul, expand your mind, and transform your life!


Never before have so many of our nation’s greatest thinkers, leaders, and visionaries come together to share all you need to know to make massive improvements in all areas of your life:

  • Money
  • Spirituality
  • Love
  • Goal-setting
  • Sexuality
  • Self-acceptance
  • Visualization
  • Attraction
  • Contribution

Achieving true success and happiness is an on-going process – it’s all about learning to break through the old conditioning… rise above any damaging elements of ‘your story’… and realize that the most profound aspects of any life are found when you strive for your dreams.

The Heroic Quest, quite simply, is our incessant search for truth and spiritual maturity. To live with eyes wide open. As such we are not really in search of 'The Truth' – as though such were attainable – but some sense of reality in a world obsessed with image and illusion.

This has long been the nature of questing, of the spiritual warrior's struggle with doubt… whether the hero was a Knight of the Round Table, a Shaolin priest, or Odysseus on his ten-year trials to find his way home.

So many of us have stopped imagining our lives with any sort of romance… any fictional flair. It's not so much that our lives lack importance… but we “dull” our own lives by the way we conceive them.

This is the sense of urgency and excitement with which we must infuse our lives, this clarion call to action… to wake up… to see the real world for what it is, and what we can do with it.

This … is our Quest!


“We need to get more into the journey, itself … rather than focus on ‘becoming enlightened’. We need to wake each morning and think, ‘I wonder what this journey will teach me, today?’

“And sometimes this journey is hard – it’s painful, it’s confusing, it’s hard work – but that’s still part of the process, just like when it’s fun and exciting. And we need to accept that, and honor that.”

-Shakti Gawain
Author, Living In The Light


What else, after all, is this thing we call “mid-life crisis” or “change-of-life” but waking up one day terrified that you're on the wrong path… that you missed the boat… and you’ve never expressed your true personal brilliance.

That doesn’t have to be your fate.

What Stands Between You And The Life You WANT To Live?

If you are still alive, and awake, you have it within you to alter the course of your life… get back on track… and to move in the direction of your dreams!


“It is our light – not our darkness – that most frightens us. We too often ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’
Actually… who are you not to be?


We must infuse our lives with a sense of urgency and excitement… to wake up, and get wise to ourselves, and our own powers. Life really is an adventure when we approach it with passion!

In this ground-breaking collection of programs from the award-winning PBS series Quest you’ll meet many of the most fascinating leaders in the field of Personal Development, Relationship-Building, and Spirituality.

Here are some of the modern Masters who reveal their secrets in this essential guide, to help you achieve profound life mastery:

  • Stephen Covey (“The 7 Habits Of Highly-Successful People”)
  • Shirley MacLaine (“The Camino”)
  • Thomas Moore (“Care Of The Soul”)
  • John Gray (“Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”)
  • Alanis Morissette
  • Mark Victor Hansen (“Chicken Soup For The Soul”)
  • Jane Goodall (“Reason For Hope”)
  • Deepak Chopra (“Ageless Body, Timeless Mind”)
  • Bernie Siegel (“Peace, Love, And Healing”)
  • Marianne Williamson (“A Return To Love”)
  • Gloria Steinem (“Revolution From Within”)
  • Sam Keen (“Faces Of The Enemy”)
  • Barbara De Angelis (“Real Moments”)
  • Erica Jong (“What Do Women Want?”)
  • Naomi Wolf (“Women Of Wisdom & Power”)
  • and so many, MANY more

In Quest: The Wisdom Collection, this unprecedented all-star cast takes you by the hand and leads you through the pitfalls, and over the hurdles of Life… they light your path… and show you the way to achieve a life of unlimited abundance, happiness, hope, peace, and prosperity.


“The greatest battles of life that we ever fight are usually fought in the silent chambers of our own soul.”

-Stephen Covey
Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People


The greatest barriers we all must overcome are: Fear of Change… Fear of Failure… Fear of Success. For all those who decide to face these fears head-on and defeat them, the Quest Wisdom Collection is a guide among the Pillars of Self-Mastery… helping you tap into your deepest source of personal power and inner strength.

In just a moment, I’ll go into more detail on the contents of each disc in the Quest Wisdom Collection. But first, I want you to have a look at what others are saying about these programs.

Because as nice as it is to receive awards in recognition of our work on The Quest… in the end, what matters most is the opinions of people who have watched these programs, and been moved to accomplish more… love more… be more.

From viewers like you…


“Your latest masterpiece ~THE POWER WITHIN~ is a treasure! You are playing a major role in unearthing a power on Mother Earth that is staggering!” - Joanne Cronin

“I was so moved by how you captured the power of the feminine spirit. It is amazing, the depth you brought forward. I cried and was so touched so many times ... I tell everyone about them and I’m gathering a few friends next week to watch them together.” - Agapi Stassinopoulos

“Your two new Women of Wisdom & Power videos were landmark events of such transformative empowerment, beauty, and excellence. I and some friends I watched these videos with (women in their 40s to 80s) were entirely blown away. Congratulations for being such a positive force of nature.” - Wendy at Kahua

“I saw the show on my local PBS station but I wanted to share it with all my women friends. There are several of us turning that magical 50 this year and the video speaks to what we are experiencing. Those hot flashes really are power surges!! I am going to get a copy for all my ‘turning 50’ friends. Thank you for making this important film.” - Patsy McParlane

“MASTERPIECE! You have truly produced a JEWEL to assist so many spirits in forward movement and conscious expansion. I came home from the gym, put some dinner in the microwave, and turned on Ageless Beauty, intending to watch some of it before eating. An hour later, I was still there, crying and laughing, the dinner cold and forgotten.

“I love how it’s woven together and honors everyone’s contributions. I felt uplifted, challenged, comforted and deeply blessed. I want to honor and acknowledge this very important work, and THANK YOU.

“Oh! Then I put in Passages, and watched that too! I felt every bit as moved by that program as I did by the first – Ageless Beauty.” - S. Kennedy

“I learned so much from these tapes myself. Your taste level is first class!” - Robert Barnet, Guthy Renker Corporation

The QUEST changed my life. It gave me a real purpose to go deeper into my life to be in contact with my inner self, with who I am. And that’s a big discovery. You’ve made a tremendous work.” - Charles Beaulieu

“I tremendously enjoyed the Quest for Life and Quest for Love series. I was so excited when I saw them. I have often felt alone going through my own life-changing spiritual experiences and these shows gave me such great comfort. So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for creating these amazing programs.” - Michèle Nadeau

And from PBS stations that have aired these programs…

The Quest is truly ‘Transformational Television’. It’s solid – absolutely the best. I am very proud to air the Quest. We've had so many people call in and thank us for putting these incredible programs on.” - S. Benson, KBDI, Denver

The Quest is our top selling home video.” - Andrea Hanson, CPTV, Hartford, CT

“Ranks up there as one of the best programs we've done. Will pursue more episodes in the future.” - Russ Gibble, KTEH, CA

“Top rating. Top pledge program. Wonderful. Aired 3 hours prime time. We did so well we’ll do it again.”- Marilym Dent, WPBA, Atlanta

The Quest exceeded our expectations. These shows are an excellent representation of the self-help genre. Looking to find more time to re-broadcast.” - Lori Glasgow, KVIE, Sacramento, CA

“This has been our most successful pledge drive ever, thanks to the Quest for Life series. They are some of the most powerful programs we have had on WNED in a very long time. We did even better on the Viewer's Choice repeat. Great response.

“And the Quest for Love series was outstanding, as well – our second biggest pledge winner. Very powerful!” - Ron Santora, WNED, Western New York

“The Quest for Life Trilogy and the Quest for Love series have created a spectacular response from TVOntario viewers. These are the top selling videos off the air, amongst any of the Canadian networks we fulfill for.” - Viewer Services, TV Ontario


Quest: The Wisdom Collection is specially-packaged and specially-priced to ensure you round-the-clock access to all the help you need… in all areas of your life! And all… in one beautiful 3-DVD presentation case.

Quest for Life takes you on an enchanting, empowering adventure for mind, body, and spirit… a journey of discovery, on which you’ll learn the steps you need to take to create the life you truly want. The three programs that make up the Quest for Life series cover…


Discovering Your Human Potential
True self worth
A new perspective on fear & pain
Inner meaning and outer expression
Mind/body connection
The nature of the soul
Energy, Power, And Spirit
Tribal power
Personal power
The fire within
Reaching for wisdom
Spiritual power
The Spiritual Path To Success
The spirit of success
Relinquishing fear
Habits of success
Abundance mentality
The spiritual path


In Quest for Love & Passion, today’s foremost love experts explore the many mysteries of love, passion and ecstasy… and share with you their secrets for filling your life to overflowing with all three.

This series is guaranteed to change your love life forever. The profoundly moving Quest for Love series… powerful insights into finding a soul mate, and keeping one for a lifetime… living a life charged with a healthy, spiritual, sexual energy… and keeping the fires of love and passion blazing, in yourself and your partner. The four episodes in this series include…


Love, Passion & Soul
Mysteries of Attraction
Authentic Commitment
Marriage as a Spiritual Path
True Love

Light My Fire
Dance Me to the End of Love
The Secret of Great Love-Making
Sexual Energy
Sex, Power, and Control
Hot Monogamy
The Soul of Sex
Coming Home
Deep Love

The Mystery of Attraction
Real Moments
The Path of Love
The Seasons of Love
Love in Our Hearts

The Hero’s Journey – Innocent to Magician
Love, Sex, and God Re-United & Sanctified
Wanderer – The Call to Adventure


Women of Wisdom & Power is a profoundly moving trilogy… a beautiful treatment of the spirit of womanhood… presenting a celebration of women at the dawn of the 21st century. You’ll be inspired by some of the world’s most fascinating and influential women, as they discuss the issues most meaningful and deeply relevant in women’s lives today.

You’ll awaken to the full extent of the strength, beauty, and brilliance inside you… and inside every woman!

As you watch this program you realize the incredible power you have as a woman – the consumer power, the political power, the social, spiritual, and moral power… to influence life now through the communities you build… and to influence the future through the family you nurture!


“There isn’t a woman on earth who doesn’t have wisdom, a woman on earth who doesn’t have power… and when we get in touch with that, everything blossoms. Not just us but everything around us... because that’s who we are, and that’s the role we play in society.”

This unprecedented gathering of today’s cultural and spiritual women role models spans three whole episodes, and embraces the following issues…

The Time of Your Life
A Passion for the Possible
Embracing the Truth
From Hope to Faith
The Sacred Garden
The Power of Caring

The Power Within
The Beauty Myth
Transforming Grief to Joy
Power of a Woman
The Goddess Within
Passion for Justice

Ageless Beauty
The Heroic
Quest for Beauty
Reclaiming Your Body
The Wisdom Years
My Mother, Myself
The Passionate Heart
The Soul of Money


 “The great secret that women just don’t ‘get’ about themselves … is how powerful they are! You deserve more, you can do more, you can dream more…”

- Naomi Wolf
Author, Women of Wisdom & Power

And in addition to the steady stream of viewer praise we receive, all three series gathered together in Quest: The Wisdom Collection have garnered critical acclaim as well … racking up an impressive list of awards at several international film festivals.

Discovering Your Human Potential
Winner! Best Motivational Program

The Spiritual Path to Success
Winner! Best Motivational Program

Energy, Power & Spirit
Certificate of Merit
Houston International Film Festival
Best TV Program, 2nd Place, Columbus International, Film Festival

Love, Passion & Soul
Gold Award!
Best Program on Human Sexuality

Light My Fire
Gold Award!
Best Program on Human Sexuality
Houston Worldfest, Certificate for Creative Excellence
Educational, U.S. International Film and Video Festival

Honorable Mention
Columbus International Film Festival

Honorable Mention
Columbus International Film Festival

Light My Fire
Certificate Creative Excellence. Religion Ethics, Humanities
U.S. International Film and Video Festival

Gold Award!
Best Program Women’s Issues

Ageless Beauty
Platinum Award!
Best TV Program Women’s Issues

The Power Within
Grand Jury Award
Houston World Festival
Chris Columbus Award
Best Program on Social Issues

Chris Columbus Film and Video Festival


For the first time ever, a group of the most remarkable human development authorities are presented in one of the most critically acclaimed and inspiring series ever produced on PBS. And this entire collection can be yours today.

But before I explain exactly how you can get hold of a copy of Quest: The Wisdom Collection for yourself, I want to tell you about an exciting bonus program we’ve arranged to include…

Living In The Light With Shakti Gawain…
Where you will learn how to Master Creative Visualization

This extra 52 minute program is a BONUS we’re giving you – absolutely FREE


 “There’s a very simple and profound Universal principle: Everything in life, in the Universe, and within ourselves, wants to be appreciated… accepted… honored.

“So if there’s anything within ourselves, or anything in Life, that we don’t like, are afraid of, trying to get rid of, or trying to suppress, or in some way don’t fully honor… that part will keep trying to get our attention, keep ‘getting in our face’, and keep pushing back at us until we’re able to say, ‘Oh – I see you. You’re a part of me… and you’re a part that has value, and I do honor you.’

“So even the things that we think of as negative, we have to be able to look at deeper… and recognize that within every single energy, there is something valid, something of value, something that we need.”

- Shakti Gawain


Shakti Gawain is one of this century’s most-beloved spiritual and self-empowerment authors… and, in Living In The Light, she takes you on an exciting journey of “Creative Visualization”.

Creative Visualization is the whole process by which we influence and create, to a great extent, what happens to us. It’s something that we all do unconsciously, all the time, by imagining things we hope – or fear – will happen to us.

(In fact, to prove to yourself the power of Creative Visualization, think back to the number of times something bad happened to you… something you had fretted over for some time… something you focused on intently, and could clearly “see” happening in your mind. And when it finally DID happen, you said, “I knew that was going to happen… I just knew it!” Yes… you did.)

When we bring that process into our consciousness, we gain a tremendous sense of responsibility for, and an incredible power over, our own lives. By the same token, if we don’t make that conscious effort, we give up control of our lives to others, and to “circumstance”.

To ensure you experience all that creative Visualization offers you, Shakti guides you, step-by-step, through your own relaxation and visualization process… taking you by the hand and leading you to that quiet place inside yourself.

You can lie on the floor or sit back in your favorite chair or recliner… listen to Shakti’s voice… and get in touch with your dreams… experience owning your goals already… and link them powerfully to your destiny.

Relax… listen to that inner voice, that intuitive sense, your inner wisdom… and trust in it.

Once you’ve been through these two brief meditations with Shakti’s help, you’ll be ready and able to customize them to whatever length of time you wish to spend focusing on, feeling, and experiencing your goals.

Whether you long for inner peace, prosperity, a more meaningful relationship, or a healthier physical or emotional you… Living In The Light gives you the tools to achieve so much more.

And Living In The Light with Shakti Gawain is included for free in the Wisdom Collection when you purchase the 3-DVD set of Quest: The Wisdom Collection.

And now… the most exciting news of all…
Glimpse the spark of spiritual magic that burns within each of us…

This entire collection: all 3 episodes of Quest for Life… all 3 episodes of Women of Wisdom & Power… all 4 episodes of Quest for Love & Passion… PLUS the free bonus program Living In The Light with Shakti Gawain…


Yes all 11 programs… nearly 2 dozen of today’s greatest spiritual visionaries… all the guidance you need to:

  • Conquer your fear & pain…
  • Develop a solid, empowering mind-body connection…
  • Explore the true nature of the soul…
  • Establish habits of success…
  • Adopt a mentality of unlimited abundance…
  • Explore your own sexuality ... and your partner’s…
  • Attract and keep your soulmate…
  • Understand marriage as a spiritual path…
  • Deal with heartbreak in a healthy manner…
  • Fire up the ecstasy in your life…
  • Embrace the truth about the many stages of life…
  • Nuture and appreciate your inner wisdom…
  • Fully express your passion for justice…
  • Transform grief into joy…
  • … and so much more...

And they’re yours for less than $12  per program.

Your Satisfaction Is Always 100% Guaranteed!

Yes, I want to reassure you that you never risk a penny when you agree to take a look at any Quest program.

Your purchase is always fully covered by our…

100% Money-Back No-Hassle No-Questions-Asked Satisfaction Guarantee!

I’m so certain you’ll be absolutely THRILLED with all you glean from the Quest Wisdom Collection that I make you this promise:

I don’t ever want you to feel obligated to keep any Quest product that you’re not happy with.

Take a full 30 days to experience and implement the timely messages shared with you through these programs… and if you are dissatisfied in any way, for any reason – or no reason whatsoever – please send them right back to us for a full refund of your purchase price.

So don’t delay! You risk absolutely nothing, and once our supply is gone… it’s gone! And you’ll then have to wait until we have enough orders to produce another batch.

Haven’t you waited long enough already, for the life of your dreams… a life of true Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Financial, and Physical abundance!


 “It is my great pleasure to have you join me on this Quest… an extraordinary journey for spiritual discovery and personal growth. In producing The Quest I have passionately pursued the questions, ‘How can we create lasting change in our lives?’… and… ‘What are the strategies that can help us achieve authentic success and fulfillment in our lives?’

“The result is the Quest Wisdom Collection. Life’s most profound lessons from a gold mine of impeccable sources – today’s leading experts and cultural icons. I feel privileged and truly excited to share with you what I have learned along the way.

“Now, let us begin this Quest together…”

- Lili Fournier
Creator & Producer, The Quest


Create the life you want to live! Take the journey to a better life, a better you… begin your Quest TODAY!

Here’s to your new life of greater blessings!

With best wishes for health, prosperity and abundance,

Lili  Fournier

PS – Please don’t miss out! Remember, supply is limited… and there really is “no time like today” to start creating the future you passionately crave.

PPS – When you order from Quest, you are always fully protected by our 100% Money-Back No-Hassle No-Questions - Asked Satisfaction Guarantee!

PPS – Allow me to close with a few more generous comments from viewers... people just like you who have found what they were looking for in the Quest line of programs…


“To call the Quest Wisdom Collection ‘moving’ is no exaggeration – I often found myself weeping openly… for the beauty of Life all around us… for the realization that I am better than my past mistakes… with a renewed belief in myself… and for the understanding that the power to change my own life really is within me. I so highly recommend it to anyone with dreams, aspirations, and hope for a better life!” - Al Henderson

The Power Within is fabulous! What a beautiful job of weaving together each woman’s wisdom.” - Maureen Murdock

“The Women of Wisdom & Power trilogy is a remarkable resource for women when we particularly need inspiring and powerful role models. The wisdom shared by these women has the potential to change lives, as I and others can attest.

“I was recently watching The Power Within with a friend who struggles with co-dependency and low self esteem. After hearing Alanis Morissette talk about being a target of other people’s projections, my friend left with a powerful strategy for creating appropriate boundaries.

“I could give you many more examples of how the Women of Wisdom & Power trilogy has influenced my life and the lives of others. We need to hear these voices of women who can light the way for us all. Thank you Lili, for bringing these treasures to us!” - Catherine Carlis

“It’s EVERYthing we need to feed our hearts and open ourselves to the trust and faith that we can move into the future with strength and confidence. Thank you for making it, for gleaning out the essence and confirming what is best in women." - M. Kinzele

It's absolutely amazing that you have succeeded in creating such important, high-profile works as the Quest programs. You are clearly making a HUGE difference in the world at such a critical time. I'm very inspired by your dedication to projects that empower us all. - Nisma Zaman

“I just saw your Woman of Wisdom and Power videos on television. They made me weep, they made me laugh. The beauty of the soul of these committed women was just wonderful – just incredible.” - Mehta Estria

"Thank you for bringing us such treasures. It’s really helped me reflect deeply about my life and move foreword, ready to embrace success" - P. Skinner

“I just want you to know that your message of Passages and Ageless Beauty is being highly acclaimed here – the women are so impressed and inspired in this corner of the world.”

"My friends and I watch the QUEST videos every chance we get. They're so well done. It doesn't surprise me they're best sellers and award winners!" - L. Bolt

"Light My Fire confirmed how I felt but could not verbalize. Thank you for a very enlightening, human and intelligent program." - Lucie-Ana Baldwin

“A few years ago I started to create a web site for Filipina women … which evolved into an organization around the world. I was having a serious personal struggle over all the work, and wanting to give up … until I watched the Women of Wisdom & Power shows. What a difference they made! My eyes opened up to the larger purpose and meaning in my work. My heart burst with more love and I became even more dedicated to the cause of awakening women around the world!

“My prayers were answered with your tapes. I knew the moment you started talking about heroism and bravery. Now I’m on fire. This is the sustenance I was looking for! Last month I suddenly decided to take a return visit to the Phillipines, and there are all these press conferences, invitations to the top talk shows, so many big things for me. If it weren’t for your tapes I would not be ready for this. I am so grateful and want to send you my love because of it. Thank you so much.” - Perla Daly,

"Thank you for giving us something truly worth watching, something for our spirit and souls. We don’t have much to choose from these days" - R. Tolkin

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