1. Love, Passion & Soul
“I want to feel like we belong together, I want to feel like we're one, I want to feel alive around you.” In this quest you will discover the ways to open up to what is most deeply nourishing and satisfying to you. There is a profound connection between true love and erotic passion, a connection cultivated through the mysterious depths of your soul.

We all have an innate craving to have our deepest needs satisfied, and that by getting those needs met we begin to feel fully alive, to feel connected, to feel whole and to feel a sense of truly pulsating vitality. In fact, when we fall in love that's the kind of unconscious yearning that breathlessly blows us away.

2. Soulmates
Is there a perfect love or soulmate? How is it we create those rare and profoundly satisfying bonds only with certain people? Can we conjure them up at will or is there something more mysterious involved?

In this Quest we explore the mysterious notion of 'soulmate', the person you feel free to open your heart and soul to. and the subtle destinies involved in friendship. If you had never met this person, in retrospect your whole life would be un-imaginable, because this person was there to challenge and encourage you to a fuller and freer way of being yourself.

3. Ecstasy
“I think we're all searching for ecstasy, whether we use that word or not,” Barbara De Angelis wisely observes. “We may think ecstasy comes in having a pizza with everything on it or having a great night of lovemaking or finally getting a vacation without the kids, but truthfully we're looking for those moments when we're so filled with love there's nothing else left. And to me that's what ecstasy is.”

In this quest we explore the most magical of all journeys, the Hero’s Quest, to realize and live the life of our dreams, and to wake up to our potential, far beyond what anyone said was possible for us, to dare to be so much more. And to come to love what we stand for.

4. Light My Fire
What it Really Takes to be a Great Lover
Sex is an art which takes great attention, as it is the engine that cultivates the rich life of a marriage. In this Quest we explore the secrets to great lovemaking: the healing aspects of sexual ecstasy; how to be sexually loving from the deepest generosity of our being; and how opening up to passion allows us to experience deep joy and fulfillment in all aspects of our life.

We explore what it means to ‘really love’. The meaning and nature of sexual energy, creativity, the soul of sex, and how what we love determines our destiny.

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