Lili’S 10 Tips For Empowerment
On the Heroic Quest Journey

The Ingredients to your Success:

  1. Vision is everything. Dream a great dream. High expectation precedes high achievement. Keep visualizing. See yourself with the results. Bring reality up everyday, one step at a time to meet your vision.

  2. What is your purpose? What is your passion? Your mission? What are you willing to sacrifice for? Make a goal. You have to believe it to achieve it. If there was such a thing as one ‘secret’, this would be it. Discover what you came to this earth to do… then do it.

  3. Write down your goal. Write 20 steps you can take in 30 Days. Repeat every 30 days. Do it.

  4. If you want to be a success, be a success right now. There is no hierarchy of human values. If you are living your values, and are authentic, you are a success right now. No one can make you feel inferior except yourself. Wake up to your own magnificence.

  5. Get committed. Get disciplined. Do whatever it takes. With integrity and honor. Never sell yourself short. Whatever you have to do now, do it with dignity.

  6. Law of consistent effort. Be persistent. Take action. Do it now. There are no excuses. Do something you really believe in, and get a great team of people around you. No risk. No gain.

  7. The law of probability. Become a world class asker. The more often you engage people, the higher your chances of success.   Don’t let rejection stop you. My motto is you have a 50/50 chance of getting a yes or a no. Next!

  8. Learn from failure. It’s not what happens to you that counts, but what you do about it. It’s about how you get up again. Stay optimistic. The power of your thinking and your state of mind is everything.

  9. Never give up. Never give in. And never quit. You’re only a failure if you quit. If you give your word, honor it. If you make a promise, keep it. Live with integrity. Remember, a resolution that you make to yourself is just as important as your word. If you set a goal, achieve it. I would say the secret of my success is “never say die”.

  10. Be a giver. Come from a place of service. Ask yourself what is your gift to the world? It is our responsibility to discover those gifts and share them with the world. It is about giving, not getting. In this fragile time in our history, many are being moved to make a difference.

What you Do Matters. Make it Count.

Life is a spiritual adventure. What is spirituality after all but living in the energy of love instead of ego, and developing the art of forgiveness, compassion and one’s generosity of spirit?

Many of us are coming to the realization of the preciousness of the time that we have left on this earth. Many are experiencing for the first time how fragile our lives can be. I for one am living in the deepest gratitude I have ever felt having recently experienced the wake up call of a lifetime.

In times like these, when we have been touched to the core of our humanity, we have been known throughout the ages to ask ourselves four simple and profound questions; Who am I? What do I love? How do I live knowing that I will die? And what is my gift to the family of the earth?

God Bless you on your journey. Live with strength. Live your purpose.

With love and passion!

Lili Fournier


Think and Grow Rich

Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure”
- Napoleon Hill

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