This Quest endeavors to provide the life skills to living each day mindfully, as if it were all we had. It can radically change our outlook, and make us re-examine our priorities in light of what gives meaning and purpose to our lives. Reviewing our lives can be a springboard for recreating ourselves for a happier, more productive life.

There are no magic wands that can help one face life's challenges. The good news is that the benefits of learned optimism actually grow. Richard Carlson (Don't Sweat the Small Stuff) and others, share their simple but very successful practices for improving daily life, combating negative thoughts, lowering our tolerance to stress, and learning how to come into fulfillment and contentment now. Philosopher Sam Keen (Fire in the Belly), in his late sixties, dares to fulfill his dream of flying the trapeze, and urges us to live more intensely and passionately, and to pursue our own dreams in earnest.

This volume features Richard Carlson, Stephen Covey, Jean Houston, Sam Keen, Thomas Moore, Wayne Muller, and Marianne Williamson.

We will look at how behavioural, social and emotional factors can contribute to our aging more graciously. Is youthfulness merely a matter of attitude and beliefs, or are their specific steps to developing a kind of eternal inner youth, where one’s physical attributes need diminish only marginally? What is required more than anything, it would seem, is a major perception change in how we see ourselves. Which is why living life in a more conscious and deliberate fashion, knowing death is awaiting our inevitable submission, is a way of bridging the transition to a life we can be truly proud to have lived.

Featuring Joan Borysenko, Deepak Chopra, Jean Houston, Sam Keen, Ondrea & Stephen Levine, Thomas Moore, and Caroline Myss.

When disaster strikes, when we’re overwhelmed by events beyond our control, when we lose someone dear and close to us, how do we cope? We seek words of comfort and consolation, something to break the devastating pain. What’s to be done to take away the grief? What does it take to get our life back on track? In this hour we explore the arts of healing and forgiveness, of being with the dying and grieving. Life consists of both sides of the coin, the desired and the dreaded, and we must learn to live consciously and grow through both of them.

How do we build up our sense of security in a world so filled with unknown dangers? How do we control our fear and anxiety? As Elizabeth Kubler-Ross noted, “Nobody gets our of this life alive”, so we’d better prepare for when the inevitable strikes. Not surprisingly, life becomes a lot fuller and richer when we awaken from grief and find the road back to joy.

This volume features Joan Borysenko, Ram Dass, Sam Keen, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Ondrea & Stephen Levine, Thomas Moore, Wayne Muller, John O’Donohue, and Judith Orloff.

We explore the essence of the path to success that is more spiritual and all-encompassing than the shallow grab for riches that is so often presented to us. We hope to inspire conscience-minded individuals to create spiritual and material wealth by uncovering limiting beliefs, and to inspire people to find the courage to re-invent themselves in a way that reflects their dreams. Featuring the habits of highly successful people and a win-win mentality, we learn to mature spiritually in our expectations to arrive at a new and healthy definition of authentic success in how we relate to ourselves, to others, and to realize our passion to truly making a difference in the world.
This volume features Sarah Ban Breathnach, Richard Carlson, Jean Houston, Sam Keen, Thomas Moore, Wayne Muller, John O’Donohue, Judith Orloff, and Sir John Templeton.

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