This Quest explores what it takes to live a life of true happiness, personal fulfillment and authentic success. This is an extraordinary journey on that most profound of human longings, our search for happiness and fulfillment, and the wisdom we will need to find it.

Each of us has a heroic path to walk. This is a call to greatness that begins with you. And igniting that spirit, that passion for the possible, is where the journey begins.

Lili Fournier is the producer/director and host of the award winning Quest series of specials. Critically acclaimed for its innovative in-depth approach to contemporary life issues, the series features a mastermind group of today’s most influential thinkers on personal achievement and well being. The Quest has consistently achieved top ratings and successfully raised millions of dollars for Public Television’s pledge efforts over the past decade.

"This critically acclaimed PBS series features the essential teachings
from the great leaders of our time. This remarkable series is a treasure chest of wisdom
with the power to traws of your life. My praise could not be more sincere.”
- Jack Canfield "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

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