New Rules for Success in the New Heroic Age

The Quest is a call to greatness that begins with you. And igniting that spirit, that passion for the possible, is where the journey begins…

(February 25, 2010) Lili Fournier, producer, director and host of the award-winning, critically acclaimed Quest series of specials on PBS, and Zolar Entertainment announced the release of two new programs: “Quest for Success” and “Happy, Wealthy & Wise”.

Join Lili on her Quest to empower and uplift people’s spirits once again.

Once considered the elite dominion of celebrities and titans of industry, the rules and techniques for authentic success are being re-defined.

Join Nobel Peace Prize winners, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama of Tibet… Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines, Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam Records…Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and other visionaries and business leaders on an inspiring inquiry into the heart, character and soul that makes for a successful hero, one who is capable of attaining authentic success.

Infused with passion for the possible, these wise mentors empathically dispel the myth of the magic bullet, the quick fix, and the concept that one can reach a state of authentic success and happiness without finding their humanity. This Quest explores what it takes to achieve success, with significance.

“Our culture as a whole is undergoing a dark night of the soul,” Fournier says. “It’s in times like these that heroes are created. This heroic, candid conversation for attainment slays the dragon of ‘wishful thinking’ and confronts the gargoyle of fear, summoning the warrior-spirit within to take charge and act with power.”

“We have entered an age that asks each of us to walk a heroic path, to step out of our conditioned way of being in life, and step into the unknown,” she states with measured poise. “We can become warriors, the heroes of our own lives. The warrior’s way is the way of action. Each of us can choose to summon courage vs. fear, strength vs. weakness, and see opportunity vs. obstacles, to take action on what we are called to do.”

The human spirit is our most powerful resource – we each have the inner courage, integrity and dignity of heart to overcome any challenge we face. These two new programs are designed to inspire you to triumph. Victim or Victor, you decide.

The Quest for authentic success has become the defining exploration of our times. “We stand at a moment of renewal of faith, in ourselves and in the future. Times call for us to swing out and be as bold and courageous as we can be to create the kind of world we all need - a more compassionate, caring world. Will we embrace the huge challenges we face and see the opportunity in this crisis?”

Informed by the brilliance of  these A-Team experts, Fournier takes us on an extraordinarily informed journey on the search for the most profound of human longings, which is the heartof the Quest for Success, our search for happiness and fulfillment, and the wisdom we need to find it.

The program’s release could not be timelier. With so many people heavily impacted by the downward spiral of world economic and social conditions, the program offers viewers a truth they need to hear to stay inspired and to take consistent action to make important changes in their lives.

Lili Fournier, is the producer/director and host of the award winning, critically acclaimed Quest series of specials featuring the leaders in the human potential field on personal achievement. Since it’s inception, Zolar Entertainment has been producing socially-conscious media and events. The Quest consistently achieved top ratings and successfully raised millions of dollars for Public Television’s pledge efforts over the past decade. They have inspired the lives of millions of viewers in North America, Europe and Israel.

As an empowerment specialist, Lili Fournier offers inspirational nourishment through her Quest shows and practical advice on how to relinquish fear and live with meaning, passion and purpose.

Lili Fournier’s personal story of overcoming adversity serves as the foundation for her message that each of us can overcome our challenges and find the determination and faith it takes to bring reality up day by day to achieve our vision. Lili Fournier is a passionate advocate for personal and societal change and has often put everything on the line and risked it all to make her Quests and to realize her dream of WomenAID Live!

Woman AID Live! Is a global humanitarian campaign and multi venue concert (Think LiveAID) to celebrate the women of the world on the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s day. President Clinton personally invited her to make WomenAID Live! a Clinton Global Initiative commitment. She consulted on the Vancouver Peace Summit which is brought together Nobel Peace Laureates and distinguished visionaries to discuss a roadmap to peace. She Execute Produced Michael Beckwith’s PBS special premiering in Nov. 2009 across the country. She hosted a live special in Atlanta in Dec.2009h, and recently produced a Quest for Success pledge special to air across the country in June  2010.


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