Lili Fournier is an award winning television producer, success strategist, media consultant and philanthropist. She is the producer/director and host of the award winning Quest series of specials on PBS. Her 11th Special, Quest for Success, features some of the world’s leading business and spiritual leaders: The Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Richard Branson, Russell Simmons, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, et al. Her 12th special, Happy, Wealthy & Wise features Sir John Templeton, Sam Keen, Richard Carlson, Janet Attwood, et al.

Critically acclaimed as the best of its genre for its in-depth approach to contemporary life issues, and for its leading role in pioneering spiritual programming on the airwaves across the continent, the Quest features a mastermind group of America's most influential thinkers on personal achievement and well-being, including Thomas Moore, Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Marianne Williamson and John Gray, among others.

The Quest consistently captured top ratings, and successfully raised millions of dollars for PBS’s fund-raising efforts across the U.S. The Quest has also aired on 6 networks in Canada, in Europe & Israel.

In her dedication to empower and advance the leadership role of women, she produced The Women of Wisdom and Power Trilogy featuring some of today’s most fascinating and influential women, including Jane Goodall, Anita Roddick, Gloria Steinem, Shirley MacLaine, Erica Jong, Gail Sheehy, Alanis Morissette, et al. The trilogy aired in March for Women’s History Month, prime time in all the major markets including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington, Denver, San Francisco, etc. In 2005 she produced a five hour special celebrating the power and influence of women - two hours live in studio with Erica Jong, Lynne Twist and herself as guests – with the local PBS station in New York, WLIW (WNET). Women of Wisdom and Power won numerous awards for best program on women’s issues, and a Jury prize for Best Motivational TV Program at the World-Fest Houston Film and Television Festival.

The Quest for Life Trilogy, was followed by the award winning Quest for Love four part series, which won numerous awards from various festivals for Excellence, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for Best Motivational TV Program.  Viewed by millions of people for over a decade, the Quest’s inspirational nourishment and practical advice on how to relinquish fear and live with meaning, passion and purpose has impacted the lives of thousands of people.

In 2004 Lili produced a major “Call to Action” email campaign with original short films (From Vote for Choice, to God in Govenment) on “the issues at stake” to millions of women in the U.S. to inspire them to use the power of their Vote.   

She produced and hosted a 2 hour live and televised special on Women in Mediafor the Toronto International Film Festival and Women in Film featuring Sharon Stone, and leading Oscar winning women producers in Hollywood. She produced Episodics on leading women in the Arts for the Creators series on the W network, (Women’s Network) etc.

She executive produced the documentary Expulsion & Memory, which featured the historic reconciliation of the King of Spain and the President of Israel, which was filmed in five countries on 3 continents. At this time she also executive produced the television production of the historic By My Spirit concert in Toledo, Spain, for the Quincentennario celebrations, with Zubin Mehta, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and Placido Domingo in the presence of Queen Sophia, with thousands of people and dignitaries coming together from around the world on the hilltop of Toledo, to join hands to usher in a new era of hope for peace and co-existence.

In her inveterate adventures, she has traveled to over 85 countries around the world. She graduated from York University in Environmental Studies, and began her Television career at TVO. She was the first female Assistant Director in the country, and worked as a Script Supervisor on major Hollywood films, and Associate Director on major multiple camera dramas like 20th Century Fox’s “Pygmalion” with Peter O’Toole; and on numerous commercials, tv series, movies of the week and feature films for ABC, Universal, Showtime, Paramount, Fox, Astral, Global, CFTO, etc. At this time, she was often engaged on commercials to take care of the visiting stars, a precursor to being a celebrity coach.

She was a lifestyle columnist featuring culture, and international cuisine, for the Toronto Sun, while she owned Lili’s Goumet Delights, the best gourmet shop in Toronto, which also had a Gift Basket and Catering division. As a lifestyle columnist she was a popular guest on nearly every radio and television talk show in the country. She has also appeared as a guest in numerous live PBS pledge shows, to help public television stations with their fund raising efforts.

During her highly successful career in investment and residential real estate she was was a real estate columnist for the Forest Hill and Bayview Post. She was honored to be inducted into the Canadian Who’s Who back in the 90’s.

A pivotal turning point in her life came when she was knocked off an Air India flight which was blown up by terrorists.  In gratitude for getting to raise her children, she vowed to produce television that matters, and hence started her Quest.

Lili Fournier is a passionate advocate for personal and societal change. Her personal story of overcoming adversity serves as the foundation for her message that each of us has the strength and courage and resilience to overcome any challenges and find the determination and faith it takes to bring reality up day by day to achieve our vision. She has often put everything on the line and risked it all to make her Quests programs and to realize the dream of Women’s Day Live!

She is a past chairman of Community Liaison for Women in Film, where she launched the highly successful mentorship program for women, and a former member of the Women’s President’s organization. She was honoured to be invited to join the Women’s Leadership Board at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where some 100 women leaders use their influence, power and energy to empower women worldwide.

As Media Consultant to the Executive Director of the Dalai Lama Peace Center, she helped put together the broadcast deal for the Vancouver Peace Summit 2009, which brought together His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Laureates and leading visionaries to explore a roadmap for peace. She was Executive Producer of Michael Beckwith’s PBS special in 2009 (Leader of Agape Spiritual Center in L.A.) She produced a new virtual pledge show to book end the Quest for Success special to air across the country in 2009, and did a live PBS pledge broadcast in Atlanta.

It was during the making of Women of Wisdom and Power that she had discovered that it was the severe subjugation of women in many parts of the world that kept poverty in place. This changed the trajectory of her life. She decided to dedicate herself to the mission of using the power of media to accelerate the empowerment and advancement of the leadership role of women worldwide.

A big bold and ambitious vision was born. Women’s Day Live! would capture the global media with a unprecedented gathering and celebration of the women of the world on International Women’s Day. This benefit concert and global humanitarian campaign would galvanize a worldwide movement to make poverty history by empowering women with education, end to violence, and equal opportunity.

She is passionately committed to realizing the dream of Women’s Day Live for the 105th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, March 8, 2016.

She believes that this is the pivotal moment in history to use the power of the global media to accelerate the advancement of women’s equality, human rights, education and economic opportunity, and raise substantial resources towards achieving this goal. “The time for women is now. When we stand together we can be an unstoppable force for positive social change. The women’s movement has in fact matured into a movement for humanity itself. It’s up to us now.”

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