Lili Fournier is the producer/director and host of the award winning Quest series of specials on PBS. Her 11th Special, Quest for Success, features some of the world’s leading business and spiritual leaders: The Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Richard Branson, Russell Simmons, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, et al. Her 12th special, Happy, Wealthy & Wise features Sir John Templeton, Sam Keen, Richard Carlson, Janet Attwood, et al.

Critically acclaimed as the best of its genre for its in-depth approach to contemporary life issues, and for its leading role in pioneering spiritual programming on the airwaves across the continent, the Quest features a mastermind group of America's most influential thinkers on personal achievement and well-being, including Thomas Moore, Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Marianne Williamson and John Gray, among others. The Quest consistently captured top ratings, and successfully raised millions of dollars for PBS’s fund-raising efforts across the U.S. The Quest has also aired on 6 networks in Canada, in Europe & Israel.

The Quest for Life Trilogy, was followed by the award winning Quest for Love four part series.

In her dedication to empower and advance the leadership role of women, she produced The Women of Wisdom and Power trilogy featuring some of today’s most fascinating and influential women, including Jane Goodall, Anita Roddick, Gloria Steinem, Shirley MacLaine, Erica Jong, Gail Sheehy, Alanis Morissette, et al. The trilogy aired in March for Women’s History Month, prime time in all the major markets including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington, Denver, San Francisco, etc. In 2005 with WLIW in New York, she produced a five hour special celebrating the power and influence of women - two hours live in studio with Erica Jong, Lynne Twist and herself as guests.

Viewed by millions of people for over a decade, the Quest’s inspirational nourishment and practical advice on how to relinquish fear and live with meaning, passion and purpose has impacted the lives of thousands of people, as is attested by their email messages. more...


Gerard Fournier is executive producer of the highly acclaimed Quest TV series, renowned for blending eye-opening insights and words of wisdom from the world’s most influential thinkers and authors. Each of the twelve separate Quest programs concerns itself with the deeper issues important in people’s lives today. The series has consistently garnered critical acclaim as the best of its genre for its in-depth approach to contemporary life issues. The latest production is “Quest for Success", featuring the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Richard Branson and Russell Simmons, et al. It is an extraordinary journey on that most profound of human longings, the search for happiness and fulfillment, and the wisdom requisite to finding it.

Fournier’s involvement with the Quest series grew out of and fed into his own search for meaning and clarity in a world filled with so many conflicting voices and values. Research for the series gradually took on a life of its own as Fournier delved deeper and deeper into the collected wisdom of the ages, past and present. Gradually as a result of his searching, there emerged the germ of an idea to synthesize all that he was absorbing into a book that would illuminate and encapsulate for others the gems he had uncovered.

Three years later, "Sex, Lies and Truth - A Very Short History" (available on, is the result.

Fournier has also worked as a journalist and a lifestyle columnist — traveling to over 80 countries in the process — and has written for a television dramatic series. A baby boomer himself, his formal education includes a degree in psychology, and the study of three different martial arts disciplines. He is married to soul-mate Lili Fournier, the director of the Quest series, and has two grown children.

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